• Reduces time calculating pressures by more than 25%
  • Enter patient information from any computer with web access

Mobile-First Design 

  • Smaller and 33% lighter than previous devices
  • Wireless operation


  • All data stored in the cloud, not on the device
  • Enhanced encryption algorithms

Taking front-line vascular assessment to the next level

  • Sleek new form factor designed for portability
  • Wireless control with any device, including tablets & smartphones
  • Fits comfortably into a backpack

Clinically Valuable

  • Records ABI, TBI, Segmental Pressures, and Pulse Volume Recordings
  • Performs venous refill studies
  • Identify vascular disease, and provide data for suitable medical and surgical plans


  • Uses air cuff and PPG probe technology, easier to use than Doppler
  • Studio training included
  • Retrains and additional training through Biomedix Academy

Fair Financial Return

  • Supports reimbursement of CPT codes 93924, 93923 and 93922
  • Only device to support Peripheral Vascular Assessment Protocol
  • 1 in 3 aged 70+, or 50+ with diabetes or a history of smoking have PAD