Hanger Score and ONE HANGER

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Hanger Score and ONE HANGER

Hanger Score originated as a grassroots effort on the local level with several innovative clinicians at Hanger Clinic who were concerned first, with providing the best quality solutions to their patients and second, with identifying a way to do so that optimized their business operations. What resulted was a clinical consensus on an effective recommendation program featuring a series of the Prosthetic and Orthotic products that clinicians could confidently provide to their patients while efficiently managing their operations.

Hanger Score has successfully provided clinically-validated products and delivered significant savings for our organization, while demonstrating the power of ONE HANGER. Hanger Score will continue to succeed as we band together as ONE HANGER and adopt this program into all clinical locations. When you Score, we all win.

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Vacuum Seal Liners: Now in Hanger Score

Following a series of product evaluations, the members of your Hanger Score Clinical Advisory Panel have approved the following Vacuum Seal Liners to be added to the Hanger Score Prosthetic Liners product portfolio.

Medi USA 4Seal TFS Liner:

The 4Seal TFS silicone liner provides passive suction patient care following transfemoral amputation. The liner does not require donning aid or alcohol spray, making it an uncomplicated liner for both the prosthetist and the patient. Patients should expect a firm hold in the prosthesis socket, noticeably greater comfort in the region of the sealing lips, and more independence in everyday living with prosthesis.

Ossur Iceross Seal-In Family of Vacuum Seal Liners:

An excellent suspension system, the Iceross silicone liners form the foundation of comfort and performance. The following Iceross liners have been added to the Hanger Score product portfolio:

  • TF Seal-In Standard & Conical
  • Seal-In VTT with Wave & Wave HP
  • Seal-In X5 TF Standard & X5 TF Conical
  • Seal-In TT X5 & TT X5 Wave

Encore Liners; Most Cost Effective Gel Liners in Hanger Score

Tested and approved by your Hanger Score Clinical Advisory Panel, the Encore Liners are the most cost effective Gel Liners available in Hanger Score. With unique and proprietary formulation, the Encore Liners create superior feel for increased patient comfort. Available in Cushion or Locking types, the Encore Liners are manufactured with Gelatinous Thermoplastic Elastomer and are infused with Medical grade mineral oil and vitamin E, then finished with durable Nylon outer cover. The Encore Liners are available in 3 Thicknesses:

  • 3mm Ant/3mm Post
  • 6mm Ant/3mm Post
  • 9mm Ant/3mm Post

Reduced Price – CoreLINE LSOs

Thanks to great adoption rates and the power of Hanger Score, SPS has been able to negotiate lower price points on the CoreLINE LSO components for Hanger Clinic. CoreLINE LSO’s are designed to protect injured ligaments and muscles, while providing pain relief and post-surgical immobilization. All belts may be customized by trimming the posterior aspect near the back-panel attachment.

Some key features include:

  • Breathable fabric & ventilated support panels to keep patient cool for extended periods
  • Even pressure application to paraspinal musculature
  • Support panels that hug the contours of the back for comfort, stabilization, and increased compliance